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HELP bring more Awareness and Support to


Contribute to the Reward - if you, your family, and/or your business would like to help increase the REWARD amount to help bring this shooter to justice, please click the link below.


Host an Awareness and/or Fundraiser Event - To help support the efforts of finding "WHO SHOT AIDEN", we encourage business owners to host an Awareness and/or Fundraiser Event that brings more GOOD PEOPLE of our community together.  Needless to say, but this was such a random and senseless act, that we ALL need to advocate that it is 100% WRONG and our community of GOOD PEOPLE will not tolerate it.  Please post your event on your social media sites with the encouragement for other GOOD PEOPLE to share it forward.

Special "THANKS" to 

Rockwell's Bakery in Villa Park, CA for their "Justice for Aiden" cookie fundraiser


Station Donuts in Yorba Linda, CA for their "Aiden Donut" fundraiser.

Banners, Flyers, and Bumper Stickers - To help keep the "WHO SHOT AIDEN" and website information easily visible and accessible, we encourage the GOOD PEOPLE of our communities to hang banners, flyers, and display bumper stickers.  The stronger the message we present, the less likely this will happen again to any family.  For your convenience, we have included the PDF files for the banner, flyers, and bumper sticker.

Special "THANKS" to Brixen and Sons in Santa Ana for the "rush" printing of our banners - For banners and any additional large format printing you may need for your event, please email

"THANK YOU" for helping bring more awareness and support to finding


Here is a high quality full page (8.5" x 11") flyer that you can print


Here is a high quality file that can be printed as a banner or bumper sticker

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