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Most of our community has never personally met Aiden, but after hearing the countless stories of what a KIND and LOVING child he was, we already miss him, and now consider him to be a lost member of our own family... a little brother... a beloved son... and a beautiful grandchild.

The good nature of our community has us all HOPING that your reckless act was NOT intended to kill six year old Aiden, but more of a careless act of shooting a round into the trunk of a car... unaware that there was a little boy strapped in his car seat headed for school.

But as it stands now, ONLY YOU know the truth of your intended motive when you pulled the trigger, and ONLY YOU can reveal that truth.

Our HOPE is that you are feeling regret, sorrow, and remorse for the IMMENSE pain your thoughtless action has caused this young family and our Community of Good People.  Our encouragement is for you to turn yourself in and TELL YOUR TRUTH, for your continued avoidance of telling your truth will leave us with no other option but to BELIEVE that YOU actually intended on killing an innocent child for nothing more than a violent act of road rage... Which is ABSOLUTELY NOT OK!!... and we, as a strong Community of Good People, will continue our crusade to bring you to justice.

Whoever you are, wherever you are, we will find you - So do what is RIGHT and turn yourself in, so we can all begin to heal, forgive, and celebrate Aiden's life as the GIFT TO THE WORLD he was.

Our reward now stands at over $500K, so it's not a matter of IF someone will turn you in, it's WHEN.  Get ahead of this now and do the RIGHT thing, so you too can begin YOUR healing and amends of this very tragic event.

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