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$500,000 REWARD for the information that leads to the arrest of the shooter that killed 6 year old Aiden Leos in an apparent road rage incident on 

Friday, May 21st on the northbound 55 Freeway near Chapman Avenue in Orange, California around 8am.


The suspect vehicle appears to be a white Volkswagen Golf Sportswagon with non-tinted windows and a sunroof. The Golf appears to be a 2018 or 2019 model and the license plate is unknown. After the shooting, the suspect vehicle continued northbound SR-55 to eastbound SR-91 towards the city of Riverside.

- Driver was reported as female with a male passenger -

Updated 06/04/21 9:38pm PST

actual vehicle.png
Actual Vehicle
not vehicle.png
Not Actual Vehicle

Please check your dash cams and any security footage you may have recorded while traveling on the 55 Freeway the morning of Friday, May 21st between the hours of 7:50am to 8:15am.

If you have any information, please contact the 

California Highway Patrol - Santa Ana office at 

(714) 567-6000

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, 


This tragic event is more evidence that we are far beyond having political issues, race issues, and gender identity issues... we have SERIOUS HUMANITY ISSUES.  We need to put all of our differences aside and come together to bring this shooter to justice.  Everything about this is WRONG - No child should be at risk of getting shot under any circumstances, but especially in the back while going to school.  We encourage all residents of Southern California to STEP-UP & HELP bring this shooter to justice.  Please post and share this web address to all of your social media accounts, so those with information can easily contact the California Highway Patrol and ultimately become Aiden's hero.



Help Aiden's Mom - GoFundMe

*Reward = $50,000 Aiden's Family, $50,000 OC Supervisor Don Wagner, $50,000 OC Supervisor Katrina Foley,

$65,000 John Shahidi & Kyle Forgeard, $50,000 City of Costa Mesa, $50,000 Billy Skeffington & Friends,

$50,000 Memory Lane Inc., $50,000 "Steve Will Do It" of youtube, $10,000 Sean Bulmann of Copper State Pavement, $10,000 Eric Truat of Traut Law Firm,  $5,000 Bassett Salon Solutions, $50,000 Anonymous Donors, $10,000 gofundme

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