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Thanks to an immense COOPERATIVE effort of GOOD PEOPLE, the question of "WHO SHOT AIDEN?" has been answered.  As announced by the California Highway Patrol on Monday, June 6, 2021 the two suspects have been arrested!!


On behalf of Aiden's Community Crusaders, we want to THANK our world of GOOD PEOPLE for the abundance of LOVE, SUPPORT, and GENEROSITY Aiden's family continues to receive as the wheels of justice begin to turn.  Needless to say, no legal consequence or jail sentence of the two suspects will bring our beloved little Aiden back, but the efforts made by our Community of GOOD PEOPLE has proven we can immediately be the change we want to see in the world!!

"When GOOD PEOPLE align,

GREAT THINGS can happen."

The reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the two suspects is currently just over $500,000.  Based on the wheels of justice just beginning to turn, we are unaware of what details lead the CHP to the arrests.  The investigation details have been turned over to the Orange County District Attorney's Office, and when those details can be released, we will post them here.  The number one priority at this time is to seek maximum justice for Aiden and his family, so please be patient and supportive of those representing us all and working hard to ensure justice is served to the maximum extent of the law.


In the meantime, let's all honor Aiden's 6th Birthday Wish - "My Birthday Wish is for EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY."  No doubt Aiden was a Gift to this World  - We sincerely appreciate your genuine care and concern to PROTECT our community of GOOD PEOPLE!!

No More Rage - "Lift Your Chin & Flex Your Grin!!"

Updated 06/16/21 12:14pm PST

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